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Hi and welcome to my website. This is very exciting and I hope that those of you who know me, and those who don't yet, will find something of interest on this site! I suspect, as time passes, I will want to be very chatty and bold with my ideas and opinions, so let me know what you think. Please browse and keep good thoughts for me along the way. I'll be thinking of you...a lot!

Having been a performer for 50 years, I'm overloaded with stories and feelings and relationships and events, most of which I can't remember! As a wise writer, Portia Nelson once said "My life has been a series of fabulous events, it's a pity I wasn't there for most of them." Those I do remember still inform me and fill me with such a feeling of well being, that I'm sorry I can't relive them all...well, mostly all (there are some events I'd sooner keep tucked away, way away, in the corners of my memory).

I now teach several performance classes, in LA, and often outside the city and state. And I hear myself talking about my past and my experiences; but I'm terribly afraid I'll sound like some old fart who needs to feed her ego. But nonetheless, young performers today will have no way of knowing about their heritage except from those who have been there, done that! Luckily I'm still being there and doing that! Theatre, concerts, cabaret, commercials, and an occasional AUDITION! Yes, I do have to go to an audition about once a year and I do it willingly only to keep up to date on how it feels these days to be competitive and how the whole process works. Many of my colleagues from the past are now big deal directors and choreographers so it's fun to show them, in some way, I'm still around and can still sing. It keeps me in touch with the feelings my students have and I hope makes me a better teacher.

I would love to hear your comments on auditions, working, or anything else that can help me shed light on this experience called PERFORMING!

Thanks for visiting!

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"She'll sing the hell out of it..."

- Jerry Herman

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